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Aug 30, 2017
The Orbitz "Middle Seat Selfie Sweepstakes" is upgrading one lucky traveler to First Class

As the final step between a traveler and his or her destination, there is an undeniable sense of excitement and anticipation upon boarding a flight. However, these positive feelings may be...

Aug 15, 2017
Promo code "TRAVELTIME" offers travelers an extra 15 percent off last minute Labor Day hotels

With just over two weeks before the Labor Day weekend, many potential travelers may believe that it is too late to book a getaway for the last long weekend of summer. But according to Orbitz®...

Jul 11, 2017

Everyone loves getting more than they expect. Whether it's the extra donut in a baker's dozen, a forgotten five-dollar bill in a jacket pocket, or maybe just that unexpected onion ring in the...

Feb 28, 2017
--Travelocity Customer 1st Guarantee Delivers Best-In-Class Service to Travelers--

The core premise of Travelocity's mission is to "be the customer's champion throughout their journey". In 2016, Travelocity® launched its "Customer 1st Guarantee", a promise to customers that...

Jan 24, 2017
--According to Travelocity survey, couples on average spend only 7 minutes of "romantic time" per day--

When deciding upon the perfect Valentine's gift for that special someone, many people first think of chocolate, flowers or jewelry. However, the best gift may be one that can't be put into a box -...