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Nov 19, 2013
LET'S ROAM HOST, COURTNEY SCOTT explores la candelaria and andres carne de res

In Travelocity's latest Let's Roam Colombia with Avianca episodes, host Courtney Scott travels to the largest city in Colombia, the capital city of Bogota. In the first of two episodes, she...

Nov 18, 2013
Travelocity’s Turkey Task Force Makes Thanksgiving Travel Easy for On-The-Go Consumers

Southlake, TX (November 18, 2013) – Travelocity knows how stressful holiday travel can be, and this Thanksgiving, the 13th annual Turkey Task Force is here to help. This team of Travelocity...

Oct 28, 2013
Travelers Should be Looking for Airfare Under $450 for Domestic Travel

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – October 29, 2013 – For travelers looking to go home for the holidays, there are a few insider savings tips they should know before they book. Travelocity’s winter...

Oct 21, 2013
Travel Experts Find Destinations Frightfully Ideal for Halloween Enthusiasts

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – OCTOBER 21, 2013 - As candy lines store shelves and jack-o'-lanterns make their front porch debut, people of all ages know it’s time for a few frights. To help Halloween...

Oct 18, 2013

In Travelocity's newest Let's Roam Colombia with Avianca episode, host Courtney Scott volunteers alongside travelers from six different countries at the Angeles de Medellin community center in the...

Oct 9, 2013

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – OCTOBER 9, 2013 – This week, Travelocity’s new Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca web series, is roaming high into the hills of the magical farming town of Santa...

Oct 8, 2013
Data Shows $415 is the Price to Beat for Thanksgiving Airfare

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – October 8, 2013 – The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving the time to start looking for flights and hotels is now....

Oct 2, 2013
"Let's Roam" Host, Courtney Scott, Learns to Dance Like a Colombian

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – OCTOBER 2, 2013 – Travelocity’s new “Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca” web series, has embarked on a grand adventure to the magical Colombian cities of...

Sep 23, 2013
Key Features of "Hotel Booking with Travelocity" include Visual Layout, AirDrop Functionality

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 – Travelocity today announced the release of "Hotel Booking with Travelocity," a new mobile app crafted specifically for the new iOS 7 operating...

Sep 9, 2013
Hosted by Courtney Scott, New Webisodes Explore Colombia, Curacao and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Travelocity's award-winning web series, Let's Roam has been zig-zagging the globe bringing you new travel adventures each week. Now the series voyages even farther to Colombia, Curacao and the...

Aug 12, 2013

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – August 12, 2013 –As Labor Day quickly approaches and summer comes to a close, people around the country are considering one last getaway before the weather turns...

Jul 1, 2013
Orlando, Boston and Washington, D.C. Among Hotspots for Independence Day Travel

Southlake, Texas – July 1, 2013 – Whether it's catching the firework show in New York City or hitting the beautiful beaches of Florida, Americans are looking to get away and celebrate...

Jun 26, 2013

Southlake, Texas – June 26, 2013 – In collaboration with New Mexico Tourism and Disney, Travelocity’s latest "Let's Roam" webisodes roam to New Mexico to discover the destinations...

Jun 11, 2013

Southlake, Texas – June 11, 2013 – Travelocity's weekly 48-Hour Sale launched today, and to celebrate the kick-off of the summer travel season, this week’s sale features a twist....

Jun 4, 2013

Southlake, Texas (June 4, 2013 ) – With travel costs up for hotel and airfare, travelers are likely to spend more for the July 4th holiday weekend this year, according to Travelocity’s...

May 28, 2013

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – May 28, 2013 – Travelocity announced today version 4.9 of its iPhone® app which is available for free download on the Apple App StoreSM. The 4.9 update features...

May 1, 2013
"Let's Roam" Series Hosted by Senior Editor Courtney Scott Instigates Travelers to Get Out and Roam

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – May 1, 2013 – Travelocity today unveiled its original weekly web series titled "Let's Roam," hosted by Senior Editor, Courtney Scott. From hidden cultural gems and...

Apr 29, 2013
Washington, D.C. and Chicago Among Top 10 Most Popular Destinations for Memorial Day

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – April 29, 2013 – According to Travelocity's Memorial Day booking data, domestic airfare is down two percent year-over-year with the average cost at $341, six dollars...

Apr 9, 2013
Average Airfare Data Pinpoints Best Booking Days for Memorial Day Flights

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – April 9, 2013 – With Memorial Day travel top of mind for travelers, Travelocity today announced the best days to fly for the holiday. Travelocity data shows that...

Mar 25, 2013

DALLAS, March 25, 2013 – Texans Can Academies, a nonprofit charter high school organization serving at-risk youth, recently accepted the 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic automobile used by the...

Mar 11, 2013
Five New Television Commercials Featuring the Roaming Gnome, New Tagline Break Across Primetime

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – MARCH 11, 2013 – Travelocity has launched a new brand campaign highlighted by five new television commercials featuring the Roaming Gnome and a new call to action...

Feb 12, 2013
Travelocity Data Signals Prices to Beat, Best Domestic and International Values

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – February 12, 2013 – Travelocity released data today, which indicates a nine percent rise in domestic airfares and a seven percent growth in the cost of international...

Jan 14, 2013
Perk Available for Customers Who Book Vacation Packages

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – JANUARY 14, 2013 – With peak booking season in full swing and Spring Break around the corner, Travelocity today announced a new concierge service free to any...

Jan 3, 2013
Travelocity Helps Consumers Find Cheap Cruises and Earn “Cruise Cash”

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – January 3, 2013 – Travelers looking for a cruise deal in 2013 should plan to book their cruise vacation during wave season, which begins now. During this period,...