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Feb 28, 2017
--Travelocity Customer 1st Guarantee Delivers Best-In-Class Service to Travelers--

The core premise of Travelocity's mission is to "be the customer's champion throughout their journey". In 2016, Travelocity® launched its "Customer 1st Guarantee", a promise to customers that...

Jan 24, 2017
--According to Travelocity survey, couples on average spend only 7 minutes of "romantic time" per day--

When deciding upon the perfect Valentine's gift for that special someone, many people first think of chocolate, flowers or jewelry. However, the best gift may be one that can't be put into a box -...

Dec 6, 2016
Drunk, sick and talkative passengers lead the list

The holiday season is traditionally that time of year when far-flung families gather together to reconnect with one another, exchange gifts and share in a holiday feast. According to the U.S....

Nov 2, 2016

With millions of Americans traveling so that they can come together for the Thanksgiving holiday each fall, it is no surprise that the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving day are among the...

Oct 18, 2016

Last year, in a Travelocity survey of 1,003 people, more than three-quarters of those surveyed said they would like to go on a trip where they visited craft breweries and sampled local beer....