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Travelocity Debuts Latest Advertising And Social Promotion #iWannago On CBS' All-Star Edition of "The Amazing Race"

The Roaming Gnome Asks Consumers Where They Wanna Go to Win a Trip of a Lifetime

Mar 10, 2014

SOUTHLAKE, TX – MARCH 10, 2014 – On a mission to inspire people to do things they’ve never  done and see things they’ve never seen, Travelocity and The Roaming Gnome are inviting  consumers once again to “Go & Smell the Roses” in a series of new advertising, digital and  promotional efforts that encourage would-be travelers to actively dream about where they want to  go. The new integrated campaign highlights the very best of The Roaming Gnome’s globetrotting  adventures and kicks off the #iWannaGo Contest, enticing consumers to tell The Roaming Gnome  where they want to travel for a chance to win their ultimate dream vacation.   

“Focusing on #iWannaGo in our newest campaign is more than just a contest. It’s a way to  celebrate the universal truth of wanderlust and to encourage travelers to share their travel dreams  with others,” said Bradley Wilson, chief marketing officer, Travelocity North America. “Whether it’s  booking a quick trip to see family and friends or traveling to far-off lands and exotic destinations,  we want to hear about it…we also want to help you get there. We want to know, where do you  wanna go?”   

The #iWannaGo promotion was unveiled last night alongside the debut of the brand’s seven new  “Go & Smell the Roses” television spots and an integrated partnership with CBS’ All-Star Edition of  “The Amazing Race” where The Roaming Gnome joined contestants on an amazing adventure  through waterfalls and raging rivers in the jungles of Borneo.   

Developed with Durham-based advertising agency McKinney, the seven new television spots –  “Sidecar,” “Safari,” “Walls,” “Beached,” “Surf,” “Swordfish,” and “Rappelling” – are the newest  extensions to the brand’s wildly popular “Go & Smell the Roses” campaign that launched in 2013.  The new spots can be seen on major broadcast and cable networks including, ABC, NBC, CBS  and FOX and exclusively on Travelocity’s own social media channels including Facebook  (, YouTube ( and Twitter channel  (@RoamingGnome).   

#IWannaGo Contest Details  Beginning March 6 through May 5, 2014, consumers can tell The Roaming Gnome where they  wanna go by posting dream travel tweets, photos or videos on Twitter, Instagram or Vine using the  hashtag #iWannaGo. Two winners selected according to official contest rules will win their dream  #iWannaGo trip, and will be announced via social media in April and May. For the full contest  details and official rules visit,

#IWannaGo Travel Survey 

As part of #iWannaGo, Travelocity conducted a national survey to better understand and identify  where, how and with whom most Americans prefer to travel. According to the survey, when asked  who most Americans would prefer to vacation with, nearly half (44%) stated their significant other.  However if the opportunity to vacation with a celebrity presented itself, nearly 40% said they would  opt for someone funny like Ellen or Jimmy Fallon.   

Other highlights from the national telephone survey included:   

  • 44% of respondents want a relaxing trip, especially women (55%) who want to be on a  beach or at a spa 
  • 33% of millennials (18-34) prefer a European vacation   27% of Americans want to stay on their home soil (U.S.) for travel and vacation 
  • 25% of men want to travel to Australia
  • 21% of luxury travelers (household incomes of $100K+) want to go on vacation with  “someone smart” like Mark Zuckerberg or Marissa Mayer   

Part of the inspiration behind Travelocity’s #iWannaGo campaign stems not only from the results of  the national survey, but from the thousands of everyday fans and followers who socially share their  dreams of wanting to get away and see the world. To celebrate these travel dreamers, Travelocity  will take over the #iWannaGo hashtag on Twitter from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on Wed., March 12.   

For more information on the Travelocity #iWannaGo campaign, contest or survey results, please  visit Travelocity can be found on Twitter (@RoamingGnome),  Facebook (, YouTube ( and  Instagram (   

About the Survey 

The Travelocity “iWannaGo” Survey presents the findings of a telephone survey conducted by  ORC International among two national probability samples, which, when combined, consists of  1,004 adults, 503 men and 501 women 18 years of age and older, living in the continental United  States. Interviewing for this CARAVAN® Survey was completed on February 27-March 2,  2014. 654 interviews were from the landline sample and 350 interviews from the cell phone  sample. The margin of error for the national sample is +/- 3 percentage points at the 95 percent  confidence level.   

About Travelocity 

Travelocity wants to inspire you to “Go & Smell the Roses!” and is dedicated to being your kindred  spirit – a travel companion and a travel instigator, roaming the world beside you while helping  make your traveling experience memorable with innovative apps, competitive prices and 24/7  customer service. Based in Southlake (Dallas/Fort Worth), Texas, Travelocity is owned by Sabre, a  global technology company whose innovative technology is used by approximately one billion  people around the world to plan, book and get to their destination at a time and price that's right for  them.

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